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Azurite is often found in nature mixed with Malachite. When these two minerals are mixed together, they create the colors of the earth which helps to connect with nature. The combination of these two minerals also creates a powerful conductor of positive healing energy that can help open the third eye. Azurite is an excellent stone to enhance intuition, lucid dreaming, dissolve the ego and amplify the connection with the spiritual world. It is known for opening the mind and helping one to “awake”. This stone helps to clear the mind and to raise the level of consciousness of a person by removing blockages and negative beliefs. Keep reading for more in depth detail.

Azurite is one of the greatest stones in the world for the third eye chakra.

It has the exact vibrations needed to awaken this chakra’s energy and develop psychic gifts and powers.

If you truly want to develop clairvoyance or second sight, then azurite is an invaluable stone to add to your psychic arsenal.

The azurite crystal you add to your collection will quickly distinguish itself for its strength and perpetual sense of psychic energy. Among all of your pieces, you will find yourself drawn to it more often than not as you work on growing your psychic potential.

Even the stone itself can’t help but to seem incredibly mystical and spiritual, as though it were a fragment of a forgotten corner of the sea. The visions and meditative journeys on which azurite can take you are all too real though, so certainly practice plenty of grounding techniques that prevent you from losing sight of yourself and your surroundings too much.

Awareness of your surroundings is incredibly important here, especially if you like to meditate or enter a trance surrounded by candles. If you forget your surroundings this could be a bit of a crisis!

Make no mistake, azurite is a stone filled with potential.

The energies locked within the crystal are able to connect our physical world with unseen realms beyond our normal reach, and this has played a huge cultural role across the centuries.

It will prevent us from becoming mired in fear or indecision, especially when we are faced with choices that have spiritual or emotional facets.

It will give us the strength to come to the right conclusions about these situations.

This is a wonderful stone to use when you need to keep a clear head in a high-stress situation.

Students will find it beneficial during exams, and people in business will see how much it can help during interviews, negotiations, conferences, and networking events, when you have to maintain perfect control of your “image” in how you talk and behave at all times.

Azurite also promotes intellectual curiosity and a desire to learn about the world.

Again, this is really just a mundane manifestation of psychic powers – the only real reason to develop psychic powers is to learn more about the world! It will also make you more mentally alert and willing to take on mental challenges.

Azurite will help prevent you from becoming fearful of new situations.

Indeed, under the influence of this stone, you will become thirsty for new experiences and eager to experience things that are new or unusual.

Azurite can stop self-limiting habits in their tracks.

Every time you start to back down from a great opportunity due to fear of the unknown or feelings of unworthiness, azurite will push you back in the direction of taking the chance.

It will inspire you on the search for truth, and encourage you to question norms, expectations, and your own personal status quo.

Azurite is a powerful stone for inspiring change.

Azurite is also an excellent stone for promoting relaxation, especially during prayer or meditation.

If you have a hard time meditating because you find it difficult to focus your mind on your meditation, you may consider using a piece of azurite stone as a focal point.

Resting it over your third eye chakra while you meditate, will clear your mind of intrusive or unwanted thoughts.

By a similar token, if you struggle with anxiety or intrusive thoughts on a regular basis, a piece of azurite may make it easier to dispel those and prevent them from interfering with your life.

It is generally far more convenient to purchase azurite in its raw form, which is a blue, porous stone. It should be noted that even in this form, it isn’t the easiest, lowest-maintenance stone to deal with, as it’s prone to staining and crumbling at times.

However, it’s much easier than trying to wear it. Keep it in a safe place, perhaps on a special dish or designated cloth.

Azurite is wonderful to use during prayer or meditation, because it can focus the vibrations of the third eye chakra.

It will lead you towards better focus and developing stronger psychic powers.

Since it should not be placed in sunlight, and even running it under water can be damaging, if you’re using your azurite for psychic purposes, you may be wondering how best to “charge” it.

I recommend placing it in moonlight for several hours, preferably far away from any artificial light sources.

If you think you can maintain a clear mind for a sufficient amount of time, you can also charge your azurite by simply holding it in your hands, focussing on nothing but its power.

While its energy is ultimately that of the third eye chakra, it can also stimulate the throat chakra and promote effective communication about psychic phenomena.

The visions that come to you when using azurite in meditation will be profound, and perhaps even shocking, but the stone and its energies will also keep you safe.

However, truth is often a little ruthless in its delivery, and you may well encounter sudden visions you weren’t ready for.

The best stones to combine azurite with are the stones that it is naturally found in combination with in the natural world.

For example, you may find it beneficial to combine your azurite stone with malachite. Malachite is a wonderful stone for the heart chakra, that is often found mixed with azurite.

chrysocolla opens you up to cosmic powers, azurite makes it possible for you to perceive them, and malachite gives you the skill to communicate your perceptions to the people around you and share your wisdom with them.

The one stone that can be guaranteed to work well with azurite without potentially disrupting any of its power is, of course, clear quartz.

It’s a piece of stone that you definitely should have if you want to explore your psychic abilities or expand your mystic awareness.

It’s really no surprise why Azurite is called the Stone of Heaven!

When you keep this stone close to your personal auric field, you are also infusing yourself with the powers of this magical stone.

You are directing your own emotions and intuitive experiences toward the right direction as well!

Azurite is an excellent healing stone and has been used by healers for centuries. It is believed to have healing properties that are greatly beneficial to people who suffer from thyroid problems, neck pains, and arthritis. People who fancy this stone also swear by its potency when treating asthma-related issues.

This stone’s healing energies will encourage you to let go of old beliefs and release old emotional wounds.Azurite’s wonderful blue energy will also expand your awareness and bestow you with a deeper understanding of life. It has the power to move your subconscious thoughts into your conscious mind so that your true motivations will finally be revealed.


If you’ve always felt like you cannot sense the truth in other people and always end up being misled, have a piece of Azurite with you to protect yourself from lies and what others want you to believe.

Azurite is the perfect stone to have with you on your relaxation trip or meditation sessions.

This gemstone lets you enter the state of no mind easily and effortlessly.

The supportive energies of this stone also allow you to travel deep within your inner self.

Interestingly, Azurite also helps you in maintaining a certain kind of depth so that you will be easily guided in a spiritual sense.

Because of its exact alignment with the power of the third eye chakra, azurite is the single most powerful stone you can use to boost your innate psychic abilities.

It is so strong that it can quickly thrust you into the realm of the uncanny, so beware! Especially when you first introduce it, you may find some of your psychic experiences to be frightening due to their vivid nature.

Due to the natural formation of crystals, colors and sizes may vary from the photos listed.

Please note that metaphysical properties associated with each stone are meant to be for informational purposes only. Metaphysical properties have not been scientifically tested and we do not claim that they will provide or guarantee any benefits, healing or results in any respect. Metaphysical properties are not meant to provide or replace conventional medical advice, treatment, diagnosis or be a substitute to consulting with a licensed medical health care practitioner. We will not be liable or responsible in any respect for any adverse effects, consequences, loss or damage of any type resulting from, directly or indirectly, the use or application of any materials from Twitchy Witch LLC.