Astrophyllite quartz crystal "fireworks stone"

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Being shipped to me as I type this.

Astrophyllite aka Fireworks stone: is a personal power stone that helps you to access information deep inside yourself that help you to find and achieve your purpose in life.

*Astrophyllite is a stone of growth and moving forward on the path of your life. It will fill you with energy and motivation for change. If you are unsure about what you want to do, especially if you are at a turning point in your life, then Astrophyllite is a wonderful stone to give you the energy to get through that turning point.

This stone also protects your psychic self, which is probably not surprising considering its shape – the pointy spears look like a stone that’s ready to go into battle for you!

Some people are surprised to learn that Astrophyllite rules the crown chakra, not the base or sacral chakras, which are what people might think of when they see a sharp, metallic, brown stone.

This is actually one of the strongest stones for developing spiritual and intellectual strength. It will enhance your telepathic abilities and your ability to contact other people through psychic means.

This stone is also said to help you accept your own actions, especially past actions that you regret. For this reason, crystologists often recommend it to people who are struggling with various types of addictions.